To Have A Brazilian Or Not To Have A Brazilian? That Is The Question.

‪Norsk (bokmål)‬: Bikini lines ved brasilian...
‪Norsk (bokmål)‬: Bikini lines ved brasiliansk voksing Deutsch: Bikini lines, Brazilian waxing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I’ve found myself doing more than just swimming at the local pool recently. I’ve begun furtively checking out women’s pubic areas in the public showers.

This activity is not linked to any latent lesbian tendencies. It’s strictly all in the name of research. Obviously.

To be honest, it’s been a while since I did any exercise saw other women’s naked bodies; most of the women I know don’t celebrate the aesthetics of their bodies after the  effects of babies, like they used to when they were in their twenties and thirties.

But when Nerd Child makes a statement assuring me that most of her generation of girls have Brazilians down below, I felt it was necessary to check out the trend for styling down there myself. I like to think of myself as always being one step ahead of fashion.

Call me a fuddy-duddy, but for a woman of my generation (ie. ancient), the decision to have a Brazilian begs the question why?

It’s almost like there is a pressure on young women in their twenties and thirties to conform to ‘the Sphinx’, and I’m wondering where that social pressure emanates from. Call me old-fashioned but when I think of waxing, (especially down below), I can only think of itchiness, sore redness, ingrown hairs and OUCH!

So is Generation Y epilating their pubic region to appeal to the fantasies of their sexual partners, or is it a form of self-expression, for cultural reasons, emancipation or some delusion about it being more hygienic.

I have it on good authority from a prominent scientist, (Nerd Child), that vaginal hair is there for a reason – for reasons of pheronomes during sexual intercourse, or for protection of the ‘bits’ (rather like nasal hair), to prevent infection.

I’m a great believer in the philosophy of being happy with whatever God gave us and if pubic hair wasn’t meant to be there, why the fuck is it? And don’t give me the old ‘appendix’ argument.

I have been reassured by my shower investigations, although in all honesty my research only truly extends to the 30-50 age range (who can swim from 9am in the morning), and therefore is limited in its findings.

It appears that women in that age group are quite comfortable sporting a layer of fine lawn, that obviously gets strimmed once overgrown. Some have more, some have a little less, but I have yet to spot a ‘terrace’ in the communal showers of my pool.

When Nerd Child and I were discussing my research at the dinner table the other day, the old man (who normally glazes over when my blog is mentioned), suddenly perked up at the mention of women together and naked in a shower, and we had to give him a quick lesson on epilation of the female nether regions.

We carefully explained the difference between a Brazilian and a Landing Strip and even moved on to manscaping, something he was less comfortable discussing.

His comment of ‘so Mum must have a landing strip with terminals 1, 2 and 3?’ demonstrated his complete lack of maturity when we try to talk to treat him like a grown up.

12 thoughts on “To Have A Brazilian Or Not To Have A Brazilian? That Is The Question.

  1. Hahaha if it makes you feel any better, I shave my bits entirely. I am 39. It all came about years ago when I was romping around with a member of the oppostie sex who suggested I fell my forest. So with much pomp and circumstance, we grabbed the clippers then a razor and set to. Now, I decided that I actually liked it because those pesky pubic hairs no longer got caught between my underwear elastic and my leg, causing sudden sharp ouchies!

    I did also go for a Brazillian once (as opposed to shaving regularly), and once only. Yep, I got the old waxing treatment down there. It was a case of “leave your dignity at the door, jump up on the bed and spread em”. Once she got done she then instructed me to stick my legs behind my head so she could get to those pesky bits lurking around my bottom-hole. At this point I politely declined, ripped my panties back on and hobbled to the counter to pay quicker than you could say “$70 bucks please”. I also got sucked into paying for a pot of anti-ingrown-hair-creme that was a further $50 dollars, and was the size of a mini pot of lip-gloss.


    1. God you’re so brave. I’d died a little when i had my one and only bikini wax. Having had to spread-em in childbirth twice, I’ve become a bit sensitive to exposing my bits now so will leave it. If it hurts more than an upper lip wax, it’s a definite no.


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