School Parents Evening and The Wine Drip

Outside Guy's Hospital
Outside Guy’s Hospital (Photo credit: guy.p)

On the good side, the inhabitants of Maggot City are obviously in the process of re-strategizing and haven’t sent any more special envoys into the battlefield that is my pantry.


Perhaps they haven’t noticed that I killed a core member of their flying squad yet?


Their timing is uncharacteristically considerate because…


On the bad side, it is Kurt’s parents evening tonight and it is looming over me like a huge black and menacing shadow.


The early signs are not looking good and I have to go it alone as the old man is busy washing his hair.


Should I be worried about the letter that was sent home yesterday with a warning about lack of commitment from the Board of Studies?


I know that Kurt is trying (and you can interpret that either way) but it’s probably five years too late. Having said that, our little session of reading his Y11 English text (A Beautiful Life) together last night turned out to be quite entertaining. I think he now realises that it does actually help if you read the text before you write an essay on the subject.


It turns out that I have a hidden talent for Iranian accents too, although Kurt said I sounded like a Russian from James Bond.


But I did manage to ask him seriously last night where, on a scale of one to ten, (‘one’ being dismal and ‘ten’ being the sort of parents evening you would expect from an average student), he imagined his would sit.


He didn’t have a straight answer.


Apparently, some teachers are more tolerant of talking, shouting out and surfing Facebook than others.


I’ve got three bottles in the fridge and the drip set up.

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3 thoughts on “School Parents Evening and The Wine Drip

  1. When I first saw this post I thought you were talking about your in-laws, thinking then that you were very brave to be posting as they might read it. Then the penny dropped of course he’s your son and I wasn’t paying attention. Good luck, remember Kurt rocks, the others just aren’t on the same page yet xxxx


  2. Good luck!/I hope it went well, depending on when you are reading this. We all worry about our kids whether they are they are in National Honors Society or receive ‘additional / alternative’ instruction, whether they are a saint or a sinner… and I think we all worry about being judged by the people we pay to be around our kids for the school day … ( a ‘day’ which isn’t even 8 hours here) during the school year (which if you add up all of the ‘days’ off and the weekends and the spring, summer and winter break is FAR less than a year…). We shouldn’t fear what they think of us. THEY are the educational professionals… WE are the experts at parenting our own children…THEY did not walk in our shoes, WE did… and if WE had not… well THEY just might have found out just how much worse it all could have been. Schools and tests can not even come close to measuring the value of a person, our hearts do that. So I hope you can stay/ stood strong knowing that your son is a wonderfully unique soul and we can all tell he has a very loving mother, with a wicked funny sense of humor.


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