Is The Man Bun Sexy Or Try-Hard?

Man Bun
Man Bun by Munnybear at

I need to discuss the man bun today because they seem to be popping up everywhere in Sydney at the moment.


This topic also gives me the perfect excuse to give you ladies the Friday treat of some seriously gorgeous men on my blog.


Personally, I think man buns are BLOODY HOT; NC thinks they’re a bit try-hard.


I’ve always had a thing for men with long hair – who wouldn’t with Michael Hutchence as the role model of my thirties – and I forced Kurt to keep his long locks up until last year, when he suddenly decided to have them shorn off as an act of rebellion during the Dark Ages.

Never Tear Us Apart
Never Tear Us Apart (Photo credit: badjonni)


I felt like Samson.


Walk down King St in Newtown and it seems that every other guy under thirty is sporting the man bun with shaved sides.




The vote’s still out on this one but I don’t think that you should sport the man bun over thirty-five – or is that manbunnist?


David Beckham started it, I believe, and since then it has been cultivated by the likes of a smorgasbord of talented movie eye-candy actOrs such as Chris Hemsworth, Jake Gyllenghal and Leo De Caprio, so it must be FLAMING hot and the style provides the sort of eccentric titillation that sad old cougars like myself, (who are attracted to deep-thinking, creative man), salivate and go weak at the knees over.


What's That Bloody Smell?
Photo courtesy of Tony Quinn at

Actually, maybe Beckham was responsible for the Alice band, not the man bun, which never quite took off in the same way, and explains a lot.


But the man bun signifies many desirable qualities in men. It signifies that they are comfortable within without being over-confident, a high level of creativity and being unashamedly in tune with their female side – add all those characteristics together and you get uber-hotness.


Unfortunately, it would be physically impossible for the old man to grow a man bun unless miracles truly did exist or one of those very expensive hair potions actually worked. Not that he’d ever go for it anyway – he thinks he’s far too macho to wear a pink shirt let alone a bun on the top of his head.


Your thoughts, ladies?



7 thoughts on “Is The Man Bun Sexy Or Try-Hard?

  1. You’re right – strictly for the under 35 hipsters of Surry Hills. Best teamed with skinny jeans, ironic T-shirts, flannelette shirt and beard. Did I mention that I am enjoying working in Surry Hills.


  2. Finally I worked out you were referring to the HAIR STYLE! I looked at the first photo, and forgive me if the last thing I noticed was the … bun on the back of his head. I mean helllOOOOOOO there is so much more eye candy going on in that photo. I was wondering if the low cut underwear and the bulge at the front were newly terminologised (yes, I just made that word up) as a “bun” but then, finally, it clicked and you meant the hair. NO NO NO NO NO. I hate long hair on guys! (except that ever so cute teen pic of my husband when he had his hair down to his arse, back in the day)…


  3. Husband had long hair. He looked less phworr, more potential terrorist. It wasn’t a good look on a civil servant, to be fair.
    Mind you, that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate it entirely, although the men who can pull it off tend to be the ones whose hair isn’t the main (or should that be ‘mane’?) draw.
    I also prefer not having my very expensive conditioner pinched.


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