The Biggest #QuestionForMen This Week Is What Century Are We In?

The debate over equality has been heating up nicely in the media over the past few weeks and I will always take whatever opportunity comes my way to get back on the feminism soapbox.   (Sorry, Dad!)

English: Chris Hemsworth at 2010 Comic-Con Int...
English: Chris Hemsworth at 2010 Comic-Con International (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With awards season upon us when we witness the bevy of beautiful and successful actors and actresses flaunt their talents and physical assets on numerous red carpets, attention has focused on the different approach towards the genders by the media.   The wonderful Kate Blanchett was one of the first to publicly shame a reporter who dared ask her ‘who are you wearing?’, prior to any questions relating to the professional work for which she was being awarded.   I will be the first to put my hand up and admit that I am shallow enough to enjoy ‘red carpets’ for the fashion, but Kate has a point – I wouldn’t be averse to watching Chris Hemsworth or Bradley Cooper forced to twirl and preen for the camera prior to describing at length their outfits, fitness regime and matching accessories.   Why are women treated as cattle and men treated as talent?   We know that the movie industry remains a man’s world wherein the movie moguls are still predominantly male, most lead roles are written for men and the pay is unequal, yet do we have to insist on dumbing down women when they have earned equal status within the industry?   With the increased impact of social media, I believe that female celebrities do have a duty to mention the name of their designers on air; but so should men. What neither gender should have to accept is to be treated as vacuous, pretty pieces of fluff, there to sex up a movie or compliment their more successful counterparts.   Buzzfeed tried to turn the tables when they interviewed Kevin Spacey at a recent awards show and dared to ask him about his beauty preparations for the event.   A mani-pedi? Agreed, Kevin, it is fucked up!   His look of confusion once the penny dropped, said it all.   The continued inequality in the workplace was further highlighted this week on Twitter by Clementine Ford, one of our most forthright writers on the topic of inequality, who created the thought-provoking hashtag on Twitter- #Questions for Men. These were not questions of the ‘men are from Mars’ ilk, of how the fuck can two genders from the same species think and behave so differently; the question was aimed at the prevailing disparity between the sexes in the workplace.   Questions such as ‘have you ever been judged by the length of your pants’; ‘When you die, do you expect your obituary to start with references to your attractiveness or lack thereof?’ – a reference to an obituary recently posted about the writer, Colleen McCullough; and ‘In a job interview have you ever been asked how you will juggle work and home?’   There was the expected acerbic backlash in response from the cavemen and predictable accusations about whining lesbians who no doubt should be pleased with what we already have.   As someone asked this week when the world witnessed the terrible fate of the Jordanian pilot in a medieval-style public burning – sometimes we have to question “what century are we in?”

7 thoughts on “The Biggest #QuestionForMen This Week Is What Century Are We In?

  1. I clicked on this because it had a photo of Chris Hems. Keep up the good work. I agree we need to even up the balance on the red carpet starting with men wearing less! Fassbender should definitely be made to don AFL shorts and do a twirl. My beloved Tommy Hids should repeatedly be asked who he is wearing until he comes up with the right answer which is of course “Mumabs”. Clem Ford can be a touch too aggressive for my disposition but the amount of trolling she gets is just appalling.

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  2. Well said! It makes me so angry that women are judged by looks first and personality second, while men are barely judged at all. Women are picked apart by the media and men aren’t. Women can do the same jobs men can, but under a microscope. I’ve been asking myself what century we are in…

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  3. Eek. I love the red carpet too, but it’s too true about the double standards. I suppose we could celebrate that women have so much more choice – I don’t see the men wearing a long gown (oh,wait that guy from South Park did) and yet the girls get to wear a tux if they choose; wear it backwards if they’re Celine Dion. But that hardly levels the playing field.

    So yeah, appreciate the beauty, but let’s ask the boys about their routines along with asking the girls about their actual work. And let’s hope those walking the red carpet keep the interviewers on their toes.


  4. Hear, hear! (or is it here, here??) Great post Lousia on a quite serious topic (ignore Mumabs’ excessively flippant and cougar/voyeur remarks! 😉

    Journalist should all bombard all male celebs about their attire but it’s just so tedious and last-century (or the one before).

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