Midlife Rant: Over-Exposure And Self-Importance

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So, two things that have got my already shrinking ovaries in a twist this week, other than the sub-zero temperatures of the winter that has hit Sydney this week: the first, the story of yet another self-important breastfeeding mum who insists it is her right to whip her boobs out and bare all in a public place; and the second is the metamorphosis of Caitlyn Jenner.

Firstly, you should know that I am an intolerant, judgmental bitch at times and that I understand that not everyone will agree with my opinions here. But this sort of media hogwash clogs up my FB page, often spoils my first coffee of the day, and prevents me from reading about real news, like the story about those idiots who got married on their first date.

So…breastfeeding in public.

Sorry, ladies, I hope you know that I will defend the rights of women to my dying breath, but this is one of those topics where the miserable old fucker in me gets on her soapbox. And yes, I do realise that I could justifiably be accused of hypocrisy since I used to expose my own pert breasts to anyone and everyone on the beach in my early twenties, and pretty soon I’ll probably have the nipple melanomas to prove it.

What can I say? Things/times change.

For the record, I’m one hundred percent behind any mother who breastfeeds their baby and I have absolutely no issue with them breastfeeding in public either. But, I also believe that there has to be some modesty and consideration for the opinions/beliefs of fellow customers, when it comes to breastfeeding in a public eating establishment. Not everyone feels comfortable when forced to watch an infant munch noisily on a milk-laden, straining boob while trying to eat their Egg Benedict, and making conversation with aged parents, teenage sons or awkward husbands (who may never have seen a boob bigger than a golf ball before).

And yes, you can argue that perhaps that awkwardness is their problem, but there I have to disagree.

Of course, there should be more feeding rooms to facilitate breastfeeding for new mums, just as I think a thin muslin to veil the rogue nipple is a compromise that demonstrates a respect for those not in the early throes of wonder at new life.

Breastfeeding is a beautiful, natural thing to do and I loved partaking of it when I had boobs my own babies, but it is not a sport to be Whoop! Whooped! publicly, and albeit not a sexual act, it still involves getting what some consider your private bits out in public; which is most other cases is against the law.

That is why we have to trust women to make their own judgment calls about what is considerate and appropriate behaviour towards others.

And, Caitlyn Jenner…

A TransGender-Symbol Plain1
A TransGender-Symbol Plain1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sorry, Caitlyn, but my discomfort at having to see your new self, wrapped only in a satin corset on the cover page of Vanity Fair, has less to do with your choice to over-expose the ‘new you’, than being completely fed up with having to look at members of your family on the cover of every fucking women’s magazine over the past five years.

And I still haven’t fathomed out how you all got there in the first place.

It is wonderful that you have now become a role model for transgender people and I’m all for evolution and change and anyone who makes the world more aware of the inner struggles of people, such as yourself, who have dealt with discrimination or the lonely life of ‘difference’ in society. But I hate the fact that while you have talked about your private struggles with your sexuality in the past, you have still taken something that was apparently so personally painful to you and in true-Kardashian style, turned it into a media circus that, frankly, paints an unrealistic outcome for the majority of transgenders.

You will argue that it is to help others, and I hope that your public story does help change the lives of others for the better, but the way you have handled your metamorphosis, complete with aforementioned Hollywood styling, still smacks of fame-whoring and self-importance to me.

I admit to having watched the odd episode of The Kardashians in the past – for research purposes, obviously – and out of all of your fame-hungry extended family, your personality always appealed to me the most. You came across as a likeable, quirky kind of guy, stoic even, and you seemed to share a genuinely closer connection with your daughters than your wife did.

Which is why it saddens me that you feel the need to sell out again, at the expense of what could have been a truly, new dawn for you, with some well-deserved privacy, a reality check and your children’s sensitivities at the top of your priorities.

7 thoughts on “Midlife Rant: Over-Exposure And Self-Importance

  1. Gosh. Couldn’t disagree more. A lactating boob isn’t sexual. If someone has an issue with it it’s their problem. Some people find disability confronting, or visual differences confronting, or black people confronting! It is THEIR PROBLEM.

    As for Caitlyn Jenner – I think she’s finally using her fame for good, to effect positive change for the trans community. Why should she hide away now of all times when she can actually do some good?


    1. It isn’t because I think it’s sexual, I just don’t think it’s appropriate in an eating environment because it does make some people feel uncomfortable and it can be screened. Very different to a disability. In regard to Caitlyn, I’m just over the whole Kardashian circus, and I didn’t like the styling of the photo shoot.


  2. Try screening your nipple/boob when your kid is older than 3 months and trying to pull off any form of modesty you are trying to maintain. I’m all for modesty, but sometimes it doesn’t work. If you are offended, please just look somewhere else.

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  3. I’m with you 100% on the Jenner thing. This week’s photos have to be more about her basic dysfunctionality rather than her desire to give hope to other trangendered people. I mean, seriously – she spent a chunk of her life with the Kardashians, for Pete’s sake. Obviously she’s not a healthy, well-adjusted person. More evidence for this hypothesis: A woman in her 60’s who feels the need to be naked-ish in a publicized photo shoot is sad, sad, sad. I would hope for all women that they’d mature out of that mysogyny-induced crap way before they reach their 60’s.

    Bottom line, I don’t need to see someone’s train wreck of a life plastered all over my media in the false name of being a hero to trandgendered people.


  4. I’m happy to see breastfeeding out and about with no shame or modesty and I don’t believe women should have to isolate themselves to feeding rooms. As for cloths for covering up, they cause more discomfort and stress for both mum and bub. I’m glad I could breastfeed comfortably wherever I was and not care about gawking strangers.

    On the topic of the Kardashians and Jenners I really am not interested in anything they do.

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  5. I’m all for breast feeding anywhere anytime but I’m with you in my ambivalence on the whole Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner thing. My reaction to her Vanity Fair cover was “gorgeous but 100% fakery like everything else the Kardashians do”. Then I immediately felt guilty because its darn tough being transgender. Most of them suffer horrendous mental health outcomes. Anyhow a better role model for the transgender community would be the extraordinary Lieutenant Colonel Cate McGregor (formely Malcom McGregor).

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