Priorities And Not Giving A Shit About Space

(*Steps on soapbox*)

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One of the most eye-opening changes to happen to me since I reached middle age is that I’ve developed a defiant political conscience and can become quite hostile about my need to change the world, even though some days I struggle to get out of bed in the morning.

I’ve become THAT irritable middle-aged tv viewer who knows absolutely nothing yet has an opinion on EVERYTHING and tuts loudly when the news is on, especially when I hear about another politician abusing their position and spending public funding on personal extravagance in the name of government expense.

Do you question the financial priorities of a government in charge of developing the country our future grandchildren will inhabit? Would you like to know just how exactly the government justifies its expenditure and prioritizes what to spend our taxes on, without bias? I question how politicians sleep at night when so many of their decisions seem to bear no relevance to saving, preserving or prolonging human life, and instead are frittered away on useless research projects.

And the prolongment of life is getting kind of important to me now.

I’ve never understand why we spend money on grants for pointless research that has little relevance to our day-to-day existence, especially when we have homeless people on our streets, victims of violence without access to justice, mentally ill people without access to the right treatments and children still in care.

English: Homeless man in New York 2008, Credit...
English: Homeless man in New York 2008, Credit Crises. On any given night in USA, anywhere from 700,000 to 2 million people are homeless, according to estimates of the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


And then there are space programs.

Although our government has pulled the plug on much of the scientific research and development previously assigned to space, only a few years back we were spending up to $1.6 billion on space research.


Does anyone really give a fuck about what’s going on in space? Does anyone really care if a planet we’ve never heard of suddenly implodes, shimmies over to another orbit, or if in the year dot we can transport humans to some planet that cannot sustain human life. Admittedly, I may be guilty of over-simplifying this and NB would jump in here with some intelligent and soul-destroying argument about research in space no longer being just about rockets and astronauts, (but satellites communication and spying), but the fact is, there are so many more worthwhile, life-saving projects we could be developing with all that money.

It’s not that I’m not progressive or forward thinking but I suspect that much of the scientific research carried out in our universities has far more to do with our standing in world politics and one-upmanship, than genuine need.

How many more unexplained explosions at NASA will make the news – at the loss of millions of dollars and precious human lives – to be met with a shrug of the shoulders, and a ‘back to the drawing board’ attitude, even though much of the public don’t care?

Imagine how many homeless people those shitty rockets could have housed in the US, how many drug abusers could be rehabilitated, how many cancer patients could receive treatment and how many refugees might have been re-homed.


(*steps off soapbox*)

3 thoughts on “Priorities And Not Giving A Shit About Space

  1. Hahaha! Hey, the soap box was interesting. 🙂

    I love this planet and seeing amazing images of it, but honestly, I couldn’t give a brass razoo whether there is life on another planet or not. Do you know why? For all those reasons you have just written about. Let’s deal with what’s happening on this planet in this time and age…not on something that’s never going to happen for countless years to come. Get it right here AND then move on!

    As for the politicians and their countless spending on business trips, entertaining etc etc…Don’t even go there!! LMAO

    We need a bourbon. 🙂 Hugs Paula xxx


  2. Thanks for caring.

    …and I concur. There is a LOT of government waist – the crumbs from that table alone would surely feed hundreds of thousands….

    And yet… I wonder…

    Why not ask of the “private sector” as well? After all, who owns the politicians? Is it the voters or corporate interests with deep pockets?

    Do we need the kind of wealth inequality that affords one CEO an apartment for himself and his family in NYC, another in Singapore, a place in The Hamptons and a private jet to whisk back and forth – not to mention the crash pad for his mistress in each place, the cocaine, the vacations, the servants, and shoe closets etc??? Do I really give a F if his 3rd exwife gets another $2000 purse?

    Wow! I think I care about space exploration just a tad more than that! But me and my friends are sleeping around dumpsters while he negotiates a 600 million dollar severance package – money for NOT working anymore!

    The disparity is pervasive beyond imagination. And the government part of it (big though it is) is not even the half.

    Nevertheless, I thank you for caring.

    Agent X
    Fat Beggars School of Prophets
    Lubbock, Texas (USA)


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