Ageing, Cosmetic Surgery and Harmful Vacuousness

As I lay on my bed nursing my hangover and reading the papers on Sunday, I  knocked my phone onto the camera setting accidentally and got the most horrific above the shoulder shot. Sometime recently, it appears, my chin has sought sanctuary within the very generous folds of my neck. 

All About Cosmetic Surgery by Ian Smith from

It’s ugly but it’s one of those genetic things that my dad kindly passed down, which I suspect I in turn have passed onto NC because sometimes we have chin fat selfie competitions to see who can look the most gross.


If I’m completely honest and I had the money, if there was no pain or time off work involved and I knew that the old man wouldn’t ridicule me for my vanity, I’d get it sorted with a two-for-one deal to include tummy tuck.


Even though I know that in certain circles cosmetic surgery is still as frowned upon as having an ADHD child.


Which I get…to a degree. Because I’ve never really understood why women resort to cosmetic surgery unless there is some medical reason behind the decision, although I am open-minded enough to think ‘each to their own’. I spend far too much of my hard-earned cash on cushions and a lot of my friends don’t get that either.


Although some do.


The discussion about cosmetic surgery cropped up over lunch at the weekend when a friend told me about a friend of hers (yes, she was asking on behalf of a “friend” !) who wanted surgery because her husband likes big boobs.


And therein lies the rub, because on absolutely no fucking account would I have surgery because someone wanted me to, to improve me, mainly because (and you can call me old-fashioned) I’d assumed that falling in love was about the whole package. What the fuck does it say if someone can no longer commit unless you fix one small part that is not quite perfect?


The last time I researched thoroughly, women don’t have the option to change men’s penis size, so what right do men have to sculpt out perfection in their partners?


Many middle-aged actresses in Hollywood have finally begun to fight the sort of sexist ageism that has pushed so many of them in the past under the knife, in order to secure work. Because we now know that one of the main reasons teenagers suffer from such poor self-esteem is because they aspire to be like their idols, and the problem is further compounded by the way boys judge women from what they see on porn movies.


It’s one thing for Her Vacuousness, Kim Kardashian, to bang on about there being nothing shameful about nudity as she gets her body out for the media for the gazillionth time in a day, but it’s quite  another when you flaunt your fake assets as something attainable and real.


It’s misrepresentation, actually, and particularly damaging to vulnerable young girls who are at an age where they are desperate to fit into society.

6 thoughts on “Ageing, Cosmetic Surgery and Harmful Vacuousness

  1. I can relate to your post, and if I could afford it I would probably try to fix it (for me) and my confidence! Have you ever seen what your face looks like “looking down” what your husband has the misfortune to see when you’re on top? My face looks like a bag of arseholes. It’s not pretty either way, unfortunately “, husbands” suffer the same fate! I try avoiding mirrors now at all costs, it ruins my day!


  2. Same, would do it for me to fix what childbearing ravaged if it was cheap, painless, and needed no recovery. But hubby insists I’m still a hottie and is horrified that I would even half heartedly consider surgery, so I’ll have to be happy with that.


  3. I always wonder what future archaeologists will think of us when they’re digging up bones with lumps of silicone in the coffin. What people will say of our desire to inject our faces with toxins or slice into our bodies out of vanity.
    But until we accept our faces and bodies and appreciate that every now and then we have the ability to look Jabba the Hutt then we will keep perpetuating the idea that we need fixing. Let’s break the cycle of self-hating now and just have one big selfie chin-off!!!


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