Feeling Grateful…Until Your Husband Fucks Up Again

You can usually count on the old man to turn a drama into a crisis.


apocalypse-371947_1280I went into day surgery for a minor gyny procedure today. I won’t scare away my few male followers by sharing the intricate, gory details of the investigative procedure into the over-chartered territories of my almost-defunct uterus, but suffice it to say, it was on a par with a quarterly Council clear out, only this time linked to MENSTRUATION GONE WRONG, and the sort of uncontrollable blood loss usually sustained by a rogue shark or zombie attack.


It was my only visit to a hospital outside of child birth, which made me (worryingly) somewhat of a celebrity in theatre – ie. a virgin to anesthesia at the ripe old age of fifty-two – so I was grateful for the full run down of what to expect by the bevy of lovely nurses, although less happy about the million disclaimer forms I had to sign in abject panic mode. If I’m honest, the sight of those stark white walls, labeled bins, compression stockings that they vacuum-packed my calves into and the fugly hairnet on my head, all felt a bit too close to the bone at this stage of my life.


I can’t have read the memo properly because when I mentioned my impending surgery to two nurse friends of mine last Saturday night, they laughed at my misconception about some local, vaginal anesthetic for pain relief – on a par with Diazepam tabs they give me at the dentist because I’m such a blithering mess – and in hindsight, perhaps my misunderstanding had something to do with my Prosecco Brain or the brevity of time I was given to overthink the procedure. Anyway, it turns out that you need real, grown up drugs when they carve out the walls of your uterus like a melon before a Mad Men-themed cocktail party.


The old man kindly elected for me to have my op via the public health system, to get value for money for all the taxes we’ve paid, and the benefit of that was that I wasn’t given very long at all to worry about what lay ahead. Indeed, virtually no information was passed onto me until yesterday, around lunchtime, a few hours after we had commenced NC’s birthday celebrations.


The phone conversation went something like this:


Hospital Nurse: ‘So obviously, no alcohol twenty-four hours before surgery…’

Me: Looking at my empty Champagne glass and the time on my phone as I counted forward the hours in my head. ‘Does one glass of wine count?’ I asked as I made a mental note to cancel the rest of NC’s birthday celebrations that evening.


I have to say that the public health service was outstanding, and it made me appreciate the shallowness of my own job and how the next time I worry about whether a cushion’s piping tones with a lampshade, I will shoot myself. Not one nurse complained when I was being wheeled into theatre and asked if I could pop off the trolley to go for a pee, and when the anesthetist informed me that the pre-meds would give me the sensation of two glasses of wine and I suggested she top it up a little, even she managed to crack a smile.


And when I woke up an hour later – grey, groggy, yet hopeful that FINALLY, I might be able to dip my vag in the ocean all through the month without fear of attack – I felt truly grateful to be alive. Thankful even, for those closest to me who have continued to support me through those weeks of every month where I can be somewhat irrational. And I included the old man in that drug-induced “gratitude circle of love” until a few minutes later, when he decided that my back bumper needed work as well and that a minor altercation between our car and a cement mixer on the way home was the way to go about it.

8 thoughts on “Feeling Grateful…Until Your Husband Fucks Up Again

  1. Oh dear, poor you. I’m glad that you survived with humour intact, even if the car wasn’t quite so lucky. I am facing this prospect in a couple of weeks and not looking forward to it one bit. I’ve already done the legs up like a trussed chicken visit with the gyn who was none too pleased with what he saw. I’m 60 and STILL my uterus refuses to give up the ghost, having also decided to kick off at the tender age of 9½, much to my mother’s horror. Cue visit to the doctor and 1,000,000 questions about inappropriate touching (which I suppose could have been the case since I was at a Catholic school in Australia). Whatever happened to the graceful, no fuss exit that I keep reading about on the menopause literature?

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      1. Now they have decided to go with a “chemical D&C” without the need for surgery. I have to take Provera for 10 days, then a few days after, the flood gates will apparently open. Repeat for two months. I thought this might be some dubious Swedish cost saving method (where they tell you something is “better for you” when in fact it’s less effective and merely cheaper and more convenient for them), but it seems that a physical D&C does not always clean everything thoroughly and this is more effective. Or else he telling me a load of old cobblers. But he’s the big cheese consultant, so one presumes he knows what he’s talking about.

        I’m happy to skip the need to be in hospital, though less happy with his other news that I’m “nowhere near menopause” yet. How is that possible? Will I be the only person in the old age home with tampons on their shopping list?


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