If You Could Invite Any Eight People – Living Or Dead – To Dinner, Who Would They Be? And What Is On The Menu?

If you could invite any eight people - living or dead - to a dinner, who would they be? And what is on the menu?

Whenever I’m put on the spot to choose my favorite song, book or movie, I get flustered and find it impossible to narrow my choice down. It’s much easier to select a group of people to dine with – a lot to do, I imagine, with the improved conditions in my comfort zone whenever wine and good food are on offer.

I stole the idea for this post from an interview I read on The Squiz recently, because I love these types of games – especially now, as time hurtles forward, and I can appreciate the wealth of interesting people that have made an impact on the portfolio of my life.

Admittedly, narrowing the guests down to eight wasn’t easy, mainly because of my insistence on getting the balance right – to ensure that my guests would play nicely together at my fictional dining table – but also because I had to exclude family and friends – for obvious reasons.

Interestingly, as I finalized my selection, I realized how imperative for me it was to mix up the age range of the group, and it also became very clear how much I am influenced by people that touch my life in some way now, in the present, in this new, exciting phase of middle age. It is also noteworthy that I am drawn to people that don’t take life too seriously.

So, here’s my guest list, in no particular order:

Caitlin Moran – Little or no explanation required if you read my blog. Awesome writer, feminist and “ladette,” with a similarly devilish humor to my own. For this lady, I’d have to screw table etiquette and seat her at my side.

Benjamin Law – Australian writer, swimmer, activist and the person I hold responsible for my addiction to Twitter and Instagram. A thinker and a doer, he makes me laugh out loud, think deeper thoughts, and vow to do better.

Barack Obama – The imposter in me (when it comes to politics), would be honored to sit at the feet of this great man at my table with the dog. Sage, humorous, a man that exudes love and trust and who has proven to be an invaluable asset for women’s rights and discrimination, I hope that he would bring Michelle along with him.

Mick Jagger – Mick is there for his raw energy, stories, talent, and unapologetic maleness. He is my “older man” fantasy. I need someone at my table to flirt with, someone who has extracted every ounce of living out of life, with the kind of stories that make everyone’s toes curl.

Russell Brand – More raw maleness – there seems to be a bit of a pattern here. I am full of admiration for the way this man has turned his troubled past around to embrace a more spiritual, altruistic path in the public eye. The way his “different” mind works intrigues me. He reminds me of Kurt.

Graham Norton – He appeals to the undiscovered columnist in me. Secretly, I lap up gossip and gratuitous material about the decadent, torrid lives of celebrities. I have always liked Graham. He has always remained true to himself in what can’t have been an easy start for his career, and I admire the way he has leveraged his innate talent – his charisma – into a profession.

Clementine Ford – I’m Clementine’s fan-girl. I devour everything she writes and I am often moved by the power of her convictions, her bravery, and her transparency. We share the loss of our mothers at a young age, and I admire how she has used that loss to empower herself. I admire how unafraid she is to demonstrate her struggles and the emotional sides to her personality as well as her more well-known public persona, her radical side – a range that stretches from staunch feminist and activist to vulnerable partner, mother, and fellow anxiety sufferer.

JK Rowling – I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve only read parts of the Harry Potter series. Where the old man will only read books with dragons, I have never been able to get to grips with fantasy or sci-fi. NC read the series before she could walk, and Kurt wasn’t interested in them. But I’ve seen and read enough about this lady to know how much I would learn from her about self-belief, authenticity, writing, and humor.

And for my menu:

I’m will ignore the likelihood that there are more than a handful of vegetarians at my table. However, I would choose oysters for my starter as a nod to sustainability, a medium-rare tuna steak for the main – and creme caramel for dessert – a favorite since my childhood.

Tell me who I’ve missed?

Being Absolutely Fabulous

Champagne Mumm
Champagne Mumm (Photo credit: dpotera)

As time is not my friend at the moment and I’m chasing my tail rather like a dog with rabies, this post is as an ode to Faux Fuchsia, a blog I l adore. Faux Fuchsia focuses on style, society and fashion and is directed at wannabes like myself who have a talent for eating anything edible, drinking too much Champagne and have an unhealthy appreciation for the absolutely fabulosity of life, darling.


I’m on a bit of an absolutely fabulous roll myself at the moment, with an engagement party yesterday afternoon, dinner with old friends from the UK tonight (MONDAY FUCKING NIGHT!) and then a blogger event on Thursday, where I actually get to inhale as much bread and wine as I want.


Tough gig, that one!


Sod’s Law, really. You have fuck all in your diary for weeks and then three events at once, so it goes without saying that I’m having daily meltdowns about having ABSOLUTELY FUCK ALL to wear; which is every woman’s right and obviously the old man’s fault.


And I’ve also got a cold, so just when I want to look drop-dead gorgeous to have a chance of competing with all my gym bunny friends, my eyes are attractively puffy and there is a permanent layer of dried snot framing my nostrils.


Never mind!


Absolutely Fabulous letters - BBC
Absolutely Fabulous letters – BBC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We were treated to a veritable feast of Champagne and an interesting fusion of Asian and Belgium food at our friend’s party yesterday – basically noodles and chocolate or in other words, every girl’s dream. I caught up with some of my besties and due to some very speedy over-quaffing in our toddler excitement, I MAY have been very drunk by the time we got home and I remembered that I still had to cook Sunday dinner.

Egg medley - Explored!


I’m sure the kids didn’t realize.


I’ve finally decided on my little Zara polka dot number for tonight and I actually found a scarf to go with it in this tiny little boutique in Neutral Bay when I collected the Princess from the groomer this afternoon. Thankfully, I had cash on me so the old man will never know.


Being Absolutely Fabulous

God, who would work in a vet? That place smelt like a diarrhoea tsunami had hit it this afternoon – no wonder the Princess was in an even more heightened state of anxiety than usual, other than simply stressing about her bad hair day.


Even better, the scarf compliments my other favourite outfit at the moment, which consists of my Peter Alexander cookie pj bottoms and UGGs.



Being Absolutely Fabulous



Because I’m so OCD super-co-ordinated and somewhat of a middle-aged fashionista I like to accessorize absolutely everything if I can, so I bought these yellow flowers as a token of the old man’s ‘too mean to bring more than one bottle of wine’ appreciation for tonight. I wish they were for me. It’s been a long time since I received anything other than the bargain basement dead type they give away for free at the petrol station.

Being Absolutely Fabulous